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Steve REJECTS MAGA-inspired Political Extremism and Isolationism!

MAGA candidates tend to promote ultra conservative extremist domestic and/or foreign policies --
such as neglecting Ukraine's military needs.

Steve supports UNCONDITONAL state -of-the-art military assistance to the people of Ukraine.

Welcome to
Steve Schiffman For Congress 2024

"As a moderate, common sense, Republican, who served as a country director with the Washington, DC-based International Republican Institute (founded jointly by Ronald Reagan and John McCain), I see this 2024 Primary Republican election as a unique opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the people of Southern Nevada; applying my extensive practical experience in building businesses, advising and consulting with foreign leaders and governments; and the promotion of human dignity, while promoting consensus building consistent with maintaining core principles."



Steve believes that most Nevadans - at heart - are common sense, middle of the road voters - who seek out fairness, equity, and "doing the right thing!"


Steve believes that Congress must take steps to reverse the following:

To reverse Biden's recent abandonment of Israel at the United Nations Security Council to the applause of Hamas, Russia, China, and Iran.
To reverse Biden's recent attempt to pressure Israel to recognize a Palestinian state, which would reward Hamas’ barbarism.
To reverse Biden's recent backstabbing of Israel by calling for regime change in our democratic ally.
To reverse Biden's renewed sanctions waivers on the genocidal regime in Tehran, allowing the mullahs access to upwards of $10 billion dollars.
To reverse Biden's recent abandonment of the Trump-Pompeo Doctrine , thus now labeling communities in Judea and Samaria as illegal, affirming the BDS movement’s anti-Israel premises.


Steve offers a unique blend of domestic and international experience, both in the private and public sectors, including the spirit of volunteerism!.

Steve defines himself as a traditional political moderate echoing the footsteps of such Republican notables as: NV Gov. Brian Sandoval, Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits, Richard G. Lugar, Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Baker, Jr., Ronald Reagan, John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Chris Christie, and Michael Bloomberg. In fact, Steve was a founding member of “New York Democrats for Reagan” in 1980 and 1984.

Holder of both JD and LLM law degrees (the latter from the London School of Economics and Political Science), Steve’s Republican credentials include being appointed by the International Republican Institute as their Armenia Country Director, based in Yerevan, where Steve oversaw both legislative and government reform activities.

While in Washington DC as a senior-level attorney working as a member of USG's China negotiatng team with Beijing, Steve's role included preparing key diplomatic talking points for President Bush-appointed, Cuban-born, Republican US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez during his negotiations with Communist China’s ambassador to the United States. Steve also drafted on behalf of Secretary Gutierrez, various responses to inquiries from Congress.

Steve also worked as a USAID Foreign Service Officer and offers diplomatic experience representing the USG in such locations as Israel, the West Bank, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Zambia, Central Asia, Iraq and most recently Bangladesh. Steve previously served as a Parliamentary advisor for the EU and UNDP in such countries as Rwanda, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and, Tajikistan.

In New York’s 2011 special election (9th congressional district), Steve was one of several Republican candidates seeking to replace the disgraced former US House Rep, Anthony Weiner.

In the private sector, Steve was the CEO of two television stations in Key West, FL and in St Thomas, USVI. He also worked as a trade and IP attorney as well as being the Founder/CEO of Paradise Ventures Media Group Ltd, an international TV distribution and syndication firm. Steve has also served as a journalist/commentator for such media companies as BBC, CBC, Reuters News, British Armed Forces Radio, Irish Public television, Israel Radio , and the Jerusalem Post .

Steve ADVOCATES political consensus and compromise!!

"What is needed is community-spirit; not selfishness!"

Steve Schiffman believes in:

Reaching out:     to develop a working bipartisan legislative consensus in US Congress;
Rejecting:    MAGA-inspired extremism;
Increasing    steps to reduce criminal mass violence on the streets;
Guaranteeing:     the continued military and diplomatic support for the security of Israel in its mission to destroy HAMAS terrorists;
Continuing:     American and NATO's joint military support for Ukraine in its battle against Putin's criminal actions against Ukraine;
Taking:     all necessary economic and military steps, if necessary, to stop Iranian-sponsored aggression and militarism, globally;
Strengthening:     America's global alliance to fight terrorism and militant/radical Islamists;
Reducing:     consumer-focused inflationary pressures;
Fighting:     illegal migration into the United States; and,
Curbing:     importation of deadly illicit drugs from Mexico and China.

Steve's Guiding Principles

It is time to bring common sense and mutual respect back to Congress and Washington, DC. The people of Southern Nevada deserve a moderate, common sense Republican representative who has respect for diversity of political opinion; for consensus on common-sense solutions; where honesty, respect, integrity and ethics are the political norms and not the exceptions to the rule.
In other words, we need to elect for Congressional District 3 a candidate of moderation, integrity and pragmatism; somebody who seeks out consensus and compromise — while being both honest and loyal to one’s own core principles, ethics and beliefs.

Steve and "Third-Rail" Political Issues!

Unlike your other candidates for Congress, Steve is not scared of such issues but demands to take them "head on"!


During the 2023 “State of the Union” address to Congress, President Biden stated that “as we all apparently agree, Social Security and Medicare is off the books now, right, ” adding that “we’ll pay for it the way we talked about: by making sure the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.” Unfortunately, Biden (and much of the Congress) was wrong on two accounts: a) now is the time to start serious discussions/negotiations on the future of Social Security; and, b)funding should be based on what is equitable and reasonable without political “finger-pointing” to scapegoats.

Steve is offering his own "common sense", Moderate Republican Social Security funding solution to take effect 60 days upon passage of legislation and signature of the US President.

1. For those individuals born on/after January 1, 1985, early Social Security retirement benefits shall be offered upon reaching age 70; full benefits upon reaching age 72; and compulsory benefits starting at age 75. Such benefits shall be 100% tax-free on both federal and state-level .

2. For individuals born on/after January 1, 1980 whose annual gross income exceeds $500,000 but under $750,000, their social security benefits shall be reduced by 50%. Such benefits shall remain taxable under current IRS regulations.

3. For individuals on/after January 1, 1970 whose annual gross income exceeds $750,000 or more, their social security benefits shall be reduced by 99.9%.


We constantly hear the phrases “border security” and “immigration reforms” used interchangeably. This is a mistake. Such continued usage tends to filter out and/or block the real areas of concern. Steve believes the issues can be boiled down to two concerns:

1. The need to enforce American refugee status laws ; and,

2. The need to amend by legislation or Constitution, the legal meaning of “naturalized in the United States” in order to discourage illegal entry to the USA.

Political Refugee versus Economic/Criminal/Drug Cartel Refugees

In a nutshell, Steve believes that most of the chaos happening on America’s Southern borders is based on poor economic and/or criminal gangs’ considerations in their respective home countries. While American policies need to be sensitive about such environments, globally, our immigration laws are not designed for such purposes.

There is no doubt that the prevailing “word on the street” among hopeful immigrants to the United States is that the easiest way to enter the USA is to use one of two words to describe their raison d'être attempted entry into the USA, legally or illegally: 1) Refugee and 2) Asylum . Although there are legal differences between those two words, for the hope-to-be immigrant, those words have identical meanings: free entrance to USA!

The term "refugee" means any person who is outside any country of such person's nationality …. and unwilling to return to, and is unable or unwilling to avail himself or herself of the protection of, that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

There is a generally accepted precedent in international law that a person should register and seek asylum in the first country where it is safe to do so. Once the claim of refugee status has been granted, the person can often be resettled in a third country. This is known as the "safe third country" for migrants’ doctrine.

For purposes of immigration policy, Steve believes that the prior Trump administration was on target compared to the subsequent actions by President Biden. Specifically, the Trump administration in 1920 set the FY 2021 refugee admissions ceiling at 15,000. The Biden administration raised the ceiling to 125,000 for FY 2022.

Today, 2024, we are now seeing the natural outgrowth of such a policy change at our Southern borders.

Defining the term “Naturalized” as used in the 14th Amendment

There is no doubt that the status quo is not working in today’s world of mass attempts of illegal migration to the USA, to the extent that we need to amend by legislation or Constitution, the legal meaning of “naturalized in the United States” in order to discourage illegal entry to USA.

While much of the reforms stipulated in the 2024 House resolution HR 2 reflects a moderate common-sense approach to reforming both border security and immigration reforms, it lacks an important element that relates to incentives for entering the USA illegally, namely a need to define the term “natural born citizens” .

The Constitution nowhere defines the meaning of these words, either by way of inclusion or of exclusion, except insofar as this is done by the affirmative declaration that "all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States." Even the 14th Amendment does not define such a term except in the broadest of context: "all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside…"

In other words, the Fourteenth Amendment does not exclude from citizenship by birth children born in the United States of parents permanently located therein, and who might themselves become citizens; nor, on the other hand, does it arbitrarily make citizens of children born in the United States of parents who, according to the will of their native government and of this Government, are and must remain aliens.

Who Is Steve Schiffman?

Steve will always put people before politics to solve problems and is 100% committed to reaching out to all Nevadans -- irrespective of party label or affiliation.

Steve will always work with fellow Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents in Congress to deliver moderate, common sense, and sustainable results -- for the people of Southern Nevada.

The people of Soutern Nevada deserve a candidate who offers badly needed common sense and mutual respect in Congress, hopefully with actual experience in legislation and human rights, such as represented by candidate, Steve Schiffman.

Why MODERATE Republican Steve Schiffman for Congress 2024?

Steve believes the 2024 Primary election is vital since it is giving the voters of Southern Nevada a unique opportunity to send a message to both President Biden and the Congress of the United States that the status quo in Washington, DC is plainly unacceptable.

The polarizing attitudes and ideology that has taken over the American political environment are threats to our traditional American democratic values of diversity and respect of the “marketplace of ideas,” where people are not listening to each other; where respect for diversity is lacking; and, where the prevailing political attitude seems to be “my way or the highway.”

As a Moderate common sense Republican, Steve believes in policies that create meaningful and sustained well-paying job creation, support the introduction of educational vouchers, reduced public spending with appropriate tax cuts for the over-burdened “middle class”; strengthening the fight against international (and domestic) terrorism; and, increased border enforcement in order to curb illegal immigration and drug-related crime, with the active involvement of both state and local authorities.

This was one of the reasons why Steve was a member of New York Democrats for Ronald Reagan/1980" and co-founder of "International Democrats for Reagan/1984".


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What Motivates Steve Schiffman?

Why am I running for Congress? The motivation is clear: the polarizing attitudes and ideology that has taken over the American political environment -- as witnessed in recently-held political debates and rallies, nationwide -- is a danger to traditional American democratic values of diversity and respect of the marketplace of ideas. Under the status quo, ideologues in both parties constantly use threats, boycotts, political deadlock and drama, which is unacceptable and unethical political behavior.

What Does MODERATE Republican Really Mean?

Steve will co-sponsor legislation with Democrats and Independents; working together for a pragmatic solution; a person puts aside party labels and focuses on the issues; who has respect for diversity of political opinion, for consensus on common sense solutions; where honesty, respect, integrity and ethics are the political norms and not the exceptions to the rule.

Who are Steve's MODERATE Role Models?

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